Why Industrial Tower and Wireless?

We’ve earned our reputation as a leader in wireless communications and have experienced organic growth by building and maintaining our own network of cellular tower sites.  The key to our success has been our investment in our people and infrastructure, our forward-thinking approach to wireless communications, and our commitment to providing quality products and services to our valued tenants.

When you work with Industrial Tower and Wireless, you also get the advantage of working with our entire team of communications experts in the areas of tower construction, network infrastructure, two-way radio systems, and wireless communications solutions.  

We own, operate, and manage our own tower sites and wireless facilities where carriers can transmit and receive wireless signals to grow their network and meet consumer demand for data and voice coverage.  We regularly maintain equipment and site grounds, restrict access only to authorized personnel to ensure safety and security of customer equipment, and provide back-up generators for reliability.

We build every tower site and wireless facility over capacity to ensure that we’re ready to expand to meet the ever changing demands in the wireless communications industry, technologies, and digital radio loading requirements We grade our towers at a ‘five nines’ for structural analysis pass.

Our company structure allows us to offer a client-friendly lease execution process that is simple and affordable.  We do not require licensing or application fees, process all of our leases in house, and only require one internal signature.  Our efficient and affordable lease execution process takes days (not weeks, not months), saving you valuable time and money during the lease process.  

All customer installations are performed by our own tower construction crews and infrastructure technicians, therefore we control the construction schedule and quality control.  The result is access to first-class facilities that are well-maintained, and safety and security of equipment.

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