Tower Site Leasing

Expand your capacity with tower site leasing.

Industrial Tower and Wireless works with individuals and business owners, commercial property owners, municipalities and government entities, and cellular carriers to help meet their network demands.   We own, operate and manage an expansive inventory of tower sites with space available for colocation and tenant lease.   

All of our tower sites are built for multiple tenants for colocation and are state-of the-art.  Our tall tower / broadcast facilities offer:

  • Secure climate controlled buildings
  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • Existing Telco and electrical service
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Emergency backup generators
  • Secure individual tenant rooms

Whether you are a business looking to meet your network demands or a wireless carrier looking to increase capacity to meet customer demands, Industrial Tower and Wireless is the right company for you.  Our company structure allows us to offer a client-friendly lease execution process for owners and tenants that is simple and affordable.  We do not require licensing or application fees, process all of our leases in house, and only require one internal signature.  Our efficient and affordable process saves customers valuable time and money during the lease process.  

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