The ITW Advantage

When you work with ITW, you have access to experts in wireless communications providing an efficient and streamlined site development process.    

Site Location Selection

Prior to building a tower, our acquisition team performs an extensive search for the right site location to meet cellular carriers’ infrastructure requirements.  From there, extensive planning and analysis of each potential site is performed by our site acquisition team.  With in-depth understanding of local jurisdictional challenges that impact tower site development, they have the expertise to conduct all preliminary work, so the project goes smoothly, and the tower is erected in the best location possible.

Site Analysis

Each site is qualified by our engineering department to confirm that the property as viable to meet the coverage objectives of our customer.

  • Propagation Studies – Cellular | PCS | SMR | UHF | VHF
  • Microwave Point-to-Point (PTP) Studies
  • HAAT (Height Above Average Terrain) Calculations
  • Frequency Coordination
  • FCC Licensing

Purchase and Sale

All purchase and sale agreements are processed in-house.  Once a property is under agreement, we draft, negotiate and execute the P & S in-house, saving valuable time and money during the site development process.

Survey and Site Design

  • Design and Construction Drawings
  • Tower Drawings
  • Compound / Room Layouts
  • Site Plans & Leasing Exhibits
  • Surveys

Zoning and Site Approval (Zoning Review and Approval)

Our site acquisition team works closely with planning and zoning boards at both the town and city levels and our in-house regulatory specialists and real estate experts have the experience and know how to obtain approvals from federal and state agencies, NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Compliance, as well as FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requirements. We are also able to leverage the experience of our corporate legal and engineering personnel to provide RF and procedural support if necessary.

Site Construction

Once a site is approved for construction, our site acquisition team turns the project over to our in-house construction team.  Having built over 100+ towers throughout New England and South Florida, our construction team has the expertise manage tower site development from start to finish.

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